Bayer G4A Expands Digital Health Footprint Into the United States

Bayer G4A Expands Digital Health Footprint Into the United States

G4A, Bayer’s digital health investments and partnerships team, will expand its footprint in the United States by working together with strategic innovation partners to foster ecosystem growth across regions.

Globally, the digital health market has seen exponential growth in investments the last year alone from $183.3billion (2020) to $201.2billion in 2021, the U.S. digital health market has accounted for the most significant share of the global market, with its market size $70.2 billion forecasted to be growing at 22.6% CAGR. In addition, chronic diseases affect approximately 40% of the U.S. population 334.4million, which indicates an increase in opportunity for technology that can prevent diseases, reduce time, and complexity in delivering care.


Together with our partners in the U.S., G4A will foster innovation communities and support to scale companies which build and develop digital solutions. These solutions are focused around cardiometabolic and renal diseases, women’s health, oncology, and mental health to bring more accessible and sustainable digital health options to communities across the whole country.


Our current partners include both public and private organizations who are key players in the healthcare industry offering scalable growth, capital, and commercial support to digital health initiatives and startups across the U.S. together with G4A.


If you are an organization, investor, or startup who is interested in digital health looking to partner to foster innovation growth in healthcare, you can contact us today.