Bayer G4A Presents 2021 Advance Track Finalists

October 26, 2021

Bayer G4A Presents 2021 Advance Track Finalists

Bayer G4A initiates collaborations with 5 advanced digital health companies in the areas of cardiovascular diseases, mental health, and radiology as part of the Digital Health Partnerships Program. These digital health companies were selected for G4A’s Advance Track and will be able to benefit from commercial partnership opportunities with different Bayer departments.

“We are proud to facilitate partnerships between Bayer and innovative digital health companies. With these collaborations, we are looking to provide benefits for patients and clinicians, while at the same time, allowing Bayer to remain competitive and get access to emerging technologies” said Dominick Kennerson, Global Head of G4A.


This year’s selected Advance Track partners are:


Cordio Medical develops and provides groundbreaking solutions for monitoring health conditions through a patient’s voice. The Cordio HearO™ can sense fluid accumulation related to congestive heart failure and alert healthcare professionals in real-time using only the patient speech, sampled via mobile device. This is the only non-invasive, easy to use medical grade, CHF monitoring device that offers patients and caretakers peace of mind and a true sense of control.


Liva Healthcare strives to improve the lives of people with lifestyle challenges by driving positive behaviour change. Their innovative technology and health programmes facilitate ongoing personalized health coaching through an intuitive app, building strong bonds between the Healthcare Professional and the patient.


Nines is the modern radiology service powered by in-house physicians and ML engineers working closely together, offering accessible quality care and using proprietary AI with unprecedented FDA-cleared medical devices for top medical institutions. Nines diagnostic products have been validated in clinical trials submitted and cleared by the US FDA.


Woebot Health offers human-like therapeutic encounters that are psychologically related, responsive, and targeted to a person’s dynamic state of health through their relational agent (Woebot). This un-intimidating, emotionally accessible character provides empathy and expert guidance in moments of need and maximizes exposure to the active elements of treatments inspired by best practice clinical care but in a way that allows for internalization, and real-time practice.


Zed Technologies develops a fast, secure, and affordable medical image sharing platform making sure that X-rays and scans are instantly accessible by doctors, patients, and other imaging facilities. Zed solutions are built on a single Zed Link base technology, meaning that one or more of Zed’s image sharing solutions can be implemented depending on the individual needs of doctors, patients, or clinics.


About G4A

G4A is Bayer’s digital health partnerships and investments team dedicated to scaling digital health companies in order to create impact and change the experience of health. The team’s vision is to ensure health for all through digital health. To attain this goal, G4A works together with like-minded start-ups, digital health companies, government, investors, and strategic partners to offer early stage start-up investments as well as commercial partnerships and late stage investments. As Europe’s first biopharmaceutical accelerator and since 2013, Bayer G4A has supported over 150 digital health companies, resulting in more than 35 direct collaborations.