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Programs in Shanghai

Grants4Apps in Shanghai was launched in 2016. as one of the new digital health power initiatives from Bayer’s G4A program that was successfully first launched in Berlin in 2013. We have 2 types of programs running: Incubator and Dealmaker. We are open for any healthcare topics and will give special attention to Bayer-relevant focus areas.

Focus areas

Self-Care Solutions, Intelli-Packaging, Environment health, Medical Adherence, Smart Processes, HCP and patient management, Effective utilization of Medical resource

G4A Incubator

We offer supports to Top 3 startups through 88 day incubator program. All round support includes: Coaching and mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs & Bayer Senior Managers. Creative co-working space located at the heart of Shanghai’s CBD. Networking with China startup communities, digital health startup communities as well as Meetups and roadshows.  RMB30,000 as financial support.

G4A Dealmaker

We collaborate with startups through collaboration programs such as the G4A Dealmaker to speed up the partnering process and strive for mutual achievements. Support includes among other also an in-depth dialogue where shortlisted startups will go through intensive and in-depth communication with our business challenge owners on potential collaboration opportunities. Also, successful startups will have a chance of becoming our business partner.

Grants4Apps Shanghai in numbers

Shanghai program is young but with already great results from the first year only.

7 No. of startups accepted to the program
351 Community members
13 Meetups and events

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