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Programs in Toronto

Grants4Apps in Toronto was launched in 2017 as one of the new Digital health power initiatives from Bayer’s G4A program that was successfully first launched in Berlin in 2013. We collaborate with startups providing mentoring, coaching and funding through our G4A Co-working program. Striving for discovering unique solutions that will lead to true innovations in healthcare. We also organize community Meetups to ensure better networking opportunities for everyone interested.

Focus areas

Digital Health in the areas of Cardiovascular, Ophthalmology, Oncology, Pulmonary Hypertension, Women’s Healthcare, Consumer Health (pain, allergy, footcare, sun protection) and Companion Health (animals and pets).

G4A Co-Location

In our all-round support program you will get mentoring & coaching from Bayer experts, financial support up to 10,000 CAD & networking opportunities. Valuable insight from experts from one of Canada’s most innovative healthcare companies will be at your fingertips. We will connect you with relevant contacts from Bayer as well as potential investors. Also, successful applicants will have the opportunity to work with us at the Bayer Inc. Matheson headquarters for the duration of the 88 day program.

Featured startups

Grants4Apps Toronto in numbers

Toronto program is young but ambitious with achievements.

3 No. of startups accepted to the program
100 Community members
1 Meetups and events

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We host our health tech Meetups around the globe so you can network with other great people interested in the same area. You never know where a life changing contact or a piece of knowledge and experience awaits. :) Check out when there is one coming up in your area.