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Digital Health projects!

We are excited to offer support to innovative healthcare startups and developer teams all around the globe!

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What We Are Looking For

Bayer Grants4Apps® invites you to submit your innovative healthcare projects. We are looking for novel software, hardware, technologies, or processes that can be applied on particular areas contributing to improve health outcomes or pharmaceutical processes.

Selected projects will be supported financially, the decisions will be made at Bayer’s sole discretion.


Your project may include
Mobile Apps, Services, Wearables, Medical Devices, Kits, Software, Hardware


Your Submission Should Be

Innovative &
Forward Thinking

Software, Hardware, Technology, Process

Progressive Healthcare
& Pharmaceutical Process

Focus Examples

Possible Solutions

    • Patient compliance.
    • Helping healthcare professionals in clinical problem solving.
    • Prevention.
    • Healthy habits.
    • Patient empowerment.
    • Improve health in the workspace.
    • Motivation.
    • Awareness of possible medical conditions.
    • Clinical trials.
    • Research laboratory work.
    • Predicting behavior.
    • Health checks, Quantified Self apps.
    • Remote monitoring, sensors.
    • Augmented reality.
    • Indoor maps.
    • Fitness trackers.
    • Big Data.
    • Smart watch apps.
    • Wearable technology.
    • RFID embedded into products.
    • Power sources for health devices.
    • Digital assistants. Robots.
    • Games for health.
    • Artificial intelligence.
    • Bioinformatics tools.
    • Personal genomics software.

    How We Decide

    Submit Your Project

    Please use our Submission Form. You only have to provide non-confidential information on your software, hardware, technology, or process, and answer a few questions about yourself.  The submission must include a title, a detailed description of the problem you want to solve, your solution, and a high-level, plausible project plan. Please do NOT submit proprietary or confidential information or source code.


    Proposals can only be submitted via the submission form. Restrictions to the number of characters you can enter in the form may apply; you can attach a .pdf file to the submission to be more explicit.


    Please be aware: Each initiative has a different submission deadline.

    Submission Review I

    Your submission will be reviewed by Bayer review teams. In some initiatives the review teams may include external partners. The decision to provide support is in the entire discretion of Bayer without any obligation to justify it or to give reasons. During evaluation of your submission, we will consider the following:


    Assessment of the problem: Many issues in today’s laboratory, clinical trials, manufacturing, hospital-related work, persons and patient’s lives, have a definitive impact on later outcomes of patients’ health. The magnitude of the problem you want to solve will be assessed.

    Submission Review II

    Relevance and Assessment of the proposed solution to solve the problem:

    Our interest lies in solutions that can be developed to a minimum viable product in short- to mid-term time frames, i.e. up to six months. In cases where it is not possible to achieve a solution in this time frame, your project may still be selected to receive financial support.


    We expect carefully thought or already started projects rather than ideas. The feasibility of the proposed solution will be assessed. We will review your project description and project plan.  There are no restrictions on platforms, operating systems, or technologies, but we expect solutions that are viable and up to today’s standards. You or your team should be able to develop and implement the proposed solution.

    Response to Submission

    The Bayer review team will respond to you within six weeks after the submission end date. We will inform you of our decision to provide financial support for your project.


    If your submission is selected, you will then be given a contract to sign. Please read about your initiative for terms of the contract.  After development you will show the results to the Bayer team. How your development and results are shown will be decided on a case by case basis.


    Failure to comply effectively with the contract may result in a termination of the proposed financial support.


    If your project is deemed relevant by Bayer , we may be interested in collaborating with you to help leverage the development of your application.


    This would entail the negotiation of a contract reflecting the interest of all parties involved.







    Questions & Answers

    Who can apply?

    Legal entities or persons who are 18 years old or older may apply for financial and/or other support (we call it “grant”). Read about each initiative for residency requirements. Bayer employees or their families may not apply. Bayer subcontractors may apply.

    Do I own the intellectual rights to the software or technology once developed?

    Yes, ownership remains with the applicant.

    Can I see projects submitted by other people?

    No, essentially projects are viewable only to Bayer review teams. In some initiatives the review teams may also include external partners. In some cases we may talk high level about your submission with external investment partners.

    Can I submit more than one project?

    Yes, you can submit more than one project. Please make one submission for each project proposal. If you want to submit the same project to different Grants4Apps initiatives, please submit once for each initiative.

    What language(s) are allowed for submission?

    Please send your submission in English.

    What happens after I submit an idea?

    The Grants4Apps team will respond to you within six weeks after the submission end date.

    What are the legal terms of the submission?

    You will have to accept the following terms:

    I am aware that the information I am providing will be regarded as, and deemed to be, non-confidential, and that Bayer shall have no obligation of any kind with respect to such information.

    In addition, I consent to the storage and processing of my personal data as provided in this application by Bayer and any company of the Bayer Group for the purpose of evaluating this application.

    I declare that I alone or together with collaborators/coworkers came to the idea for the project described here. I am not knowingly violating the rights of any third party.

    I declare that, to my knowledge, there is no similar software or technology already publicly available.

    I declare that I am not aware of third party patents or patent applications, which might potentially cover my project idea.

    What questions are asked in the submission form?

    You will have to provide a name of your submission, a description of your solution and of the problem(s) you want to solve. You also have to describe differences to existing solutions on the market, and a high level  project plan and a description of your team skills. You will be able to upload one .pdf file describing your project or company, or giving additional information that you consider useful. Under no circumstances you should provide confidential information.

    Will you finance my trip(s) to, or stay in, (x)-city or (y)-country?

    Unfortunately we can’t provide any financial support for traveling to or staying in any location, regardless if you want to work with us, or if you want to present a project, or if you were selected in one of our initiatives, or any other reason.


    Come and meet us, let’s chat!


    Gaminfection Hackathon - Hack and gamify lung infection

    Erlangen, Germany

    Spend a weekend hacking away on an exciting challenge! This time it is going to be about lung infections and what important role computer simulations play in the research.

    Visit the event website!

    Bayer Grants4Apps Open Air Kick-off 2017

    Berlin, Germany

    We invite you to welcome the startups from the US, UK and Korea that will join the Bayer Grants4Apps Accelerator 2017.

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    FinTech & Blockchain in healthcare - Can we use it?

    Berlin, Germany

    Looking for experts and speakers. Please let us know if you know some!

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    Join us online
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    STEM 4 Health Berlin

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    Grants4Apps® Innovation Grants

    Congratulations to all Grants4Apps® Innovation grant recipients! Over the last two years, many great projects were submitted for evaluation in different categories. More than 30 projects got granted, check out some of them below!

    Thanks to everybody who helped making the campaign known: Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbHSIBB e.V., the IHKs from Berlin, Cologne, and Leverkusen, the Berlin Startup Culture and the Berlin Health 2.0 Meetup groups, the BVMI e.V., many Universities and other Institutes.



    Granted 15000€

    A solution that improves the decision making process by helping analysts present their data discoveries in the form of stories, and then to encourage their colleagues to contribute with their knowledge and skills.

    Rivera embraces the easy and primal concept of storytelling and networking as the appropriate method to help users understand their data and to help them make better and faster decisions.


    My(HealthCare)BI 2Go

    Granted 10000€

    Using an easy to download and install client app with specifically designed gesture and other controls together with a secure server based mobile access solution, a remote user equipped with a mobile device will first validate their device with our cloud-based validation server and thus allow them to proceed. The mobile access server then handles the secure communication of their login credentials, authenticates them as a valid user and provides their access to the selected system (or systems) of their choice allowing access to any specific content they have rights to use (and where appropriate edit). All capable of being installed without any re-engineering of content or systems, 100% data secure and implemented within days.”



    Granted 10000€

    reportbrain reads & understands Information, the Way Humans Do!

    A search platform that reads news from all over the world and understands it the way humans do:  revealing global relations between organizations & people and linking results to current developments, in real time. It provides insights instantly with a simple query. With meaningful visualization, unmatched search results, and thorough analysis.


    Counterfeit Drugs Detection App

    Granted 10000€

    Counterfeit pharmaceuticals are a global problem. The markets and the profits for life style drugs even exceed the profits for illicit drugs like heroine, ecstasy, cocaine etc. Our app CDDA uses smartphones to detect counterfeit drugs. Therefore it takes pictures of the pill under investigation and compares it to original pharmaceuticals in the database.  After a computer vision based discriminational process, the app shows the measurement result: Original or counterfeit drug.


    Researchcluster – Sharing for Research

    Granted 10000€

    Researchcluster provides an intuitive equipment sharing and collaboration solution for everyone in research, from institutes and companies to whole regions. Researchcluster was founded by Emil Kendziorra who experienced less than optimal collaboration between departments during his doctoral thesis. Researchcluster is being developed by an experienced team and will launch in public beta in Q4 / 2013.



    Granted 10000€

    goderma is a medical online and mobile service for analyzing and evaluating personal skin problems. In close cooperation with leading German dermatologists we are working on the future of digital health care and preventative medicine.


    BigFONT OCR Reader

    Granted 10000€

    BigFONT is the first app that allows millions of users that have difficulties with the small print on their iPhones to read with ease. Finally users can easily increase the text size of mobile web pages, which otherwise can’t be zoomed in. Now BigFONT get’s another useful feature – an OCR Reader. Just take a picture of any printed material and you will see the extracted text in easily readable large print on your iPhone.  If that’s not enough, push a button and a terrific sounding voice reads it right back to you.


    Blood App

    Granted 10000€

    BloodApp wants to turn modern phones and cameras into imaging based laboratories for the sensitive diagnostics of blood cells and molecules. It could be used for standard assays, i.e. to monitor blood clotting or anemia, but also to detect new biomarkers. The mobile system could be used in the doctor’s practice, in pharmacies and also as a self-test at home. The tool could enable the close-meshed medical surveillance of chronic patients living in remote regions. Critical decisions in emergency situations can then be made directly. The mobile system also would reduce the costs for the collection of patient data in clinical studies. Contact: bloodAPP@online.ms.


    Granted 5000€

    We all have spent days at hospitals and know how boring it can be. And now imagine that you are a child, in a new environment and with barely any contact to friends and family. Through smartphones and tablets we aim to create an application that combines real and virtual worlds in a hospital environment. We plan doing so with educational and fun activities in a treasure hunt.


    Resistance Training for Hypertension

    Granted 5000€

    Building on top of their existing hoersport.de online fitness-training, digicare will create a digital personal trainer, that takes the special needs of individuals with high blood pressure into account. Fitness training is important for these individuals, but at the same time only the right exercises in the right order with the right intensity should be done. We want to help them train on their own. Effective, motivating and safe.


    Postnatal Exercises

    Granted 5000€

    After childbirth it is very important that women regain lost muscles. At the same time with the new baby they are more bound to the house and have more difficulty including workouts in their daily schedule. Building on top of their existing hoersport.de online fitness-training, digicare will create a digital personal trainer, that has all the exercises needed for women after childbirth. The training can be done at home. It is fully customized, healthy and effective. In contrast to a static DVD the training time can be adapted to the needs of the woman and each session is slightly different, so that the training is never boring and compliance is better. Motivational elements like reminders help her stay on track.


    Health Pilot

    Granted 5000€

    HEALTH PILOT – PATIENT EMPOWERING APP! Within the OECD-comparison Germany has one of the highest levels of inpatient hospital activity. While hospitals face the situation with standardization of procedures, patients feel uncertain. Patients who are admitted to a hospital should therefore be empowered regarding their health literacy. To empower patients, the native app “HEALTH PILOT” will be available. The patient installs the “HEALTH PILOT” after being admitted to a hospital by his doctor. “HEALTH PILOT” provides information and functionality in three major areas with several services: 1) procedure preparation, 2) procedure / alternative procedures and 3) patient-oriented hospital.


    Menthal Dopa

    Granted 5000€

    Menthal Dopa is an Android app to track symptoms of neurological disorders and diseases, especially of Parkinson’s, directly on the phone 24/7/365. We use lock screens and cellphone sensors to get information about the user’s tremor, dexterity of fingers and the sound level of voice. Most parts of the app work in the background and won’t affect the user’s phone usage. Menthal Dopa is part of the Menthal Health Analytics group by Assistant Professor Alexander Markowetz and lead by Christopher Kannen.


    Itsy Bitsy – Technology Crawler

    Granted 5000€

    Developed by Schaltzeit, Itsy Bitsy enables searching for innovative developments across multiple sources, displaying the results on a central page. Via interfaces for pre-defined sources the search can be performed on the levels of metadata, abstracts and full articles. In a volatile environment such as the health care industry, new developments and trends in technology, consumer behavior, competition, and law are retrieved in a structured form and can be constantly observed.


    Grandma "Fairy Tale"

    Granted 5000€

    There is this group of people in our society, the elderly, the grand parents – they have time to be spent and love to give. In Berlin, 80 year old grandma Irmgard Müller is reading fairy tales to kids in her own, lovely decorated house. She’s so passionate about it that she’s been doing this for more than 20 years. Project “Grandma Fairy Tale” will connect the many as much as passionate but yet unknown grandmas of our country to children in need of emotional care, for instance while in hospital or other health or social care. Founder André Pareis, experienced software developer and entrepreneur likes ideas which connect people and help them having a good time.



    Granted 5000€

    DocRAID(R) is award-winning endpoint security software for storing, transmitting and sharing of as well as collaboratively working on healthcare files. DocRAID(R) provides professional data privacy protection and delivers data security conform to the strict German data protection act as well as support for compliance and governance regulations.



    Granted 5000€

    Many people suffer from allergies of substances contained in cosmetic products. GlassAllergy provides a tool to help these people to make an informed buying decision and avoiding ingredients which can cause allergic reactions. GlassAllergy is developed at the GECKO Institute of Informatics, Medicine and Economy located at Heilbronn University, Germany. We are an enthusiastic group of researchers with a strong background in computer science.



    Granted 5000€

    openSNP offers a platform for customers of Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) genetic testing – as performed by companies like 23andMe – and (citizen) scientists alike. Customers of DTC testing can publish their genetic information into the public domain, find recent scientific literature and annotations about their own genetic variations, and discuss those variations with other users of openSNP. Thus, the platform creates a rich resource for interaction and information. For (citizen) scientists interested in using genetic information in their research (e.g. Genome-Wide Association Studies), openSNP offers a large database of genetic data linked with phenotypic annotations that is openly accessible.



    Granted 5000€

    For people with speech impediments it can be very difficult to regain the ability to speak clearly and pronounce correctly. Part of the challenge is to get constant guidance about what exactly needs to be improved and how to measure progress. With eProScore, users can listen to specific words and repeat them for rapid pronunciation training. After playing back the voice recording, the app scores how well every part of the word was pronounced and displays the recommended tongue and mouth movements.



    Granted 5000€

    The Checkplan app will help families and individuals to keep track of their medical checkups and suggests recommended checkups. The app will support a different set of checkup information for multiple people (e.g. for a whole family) based on age, medical history and more. Checkups suggestions will be presented as notification and can also be received as email.


    LARA – your health companion

    Granted 5000€

    “LARA – your health companion” is a digital decision aid program for women between diagnosis fibroids and treatment decision. Every 3rd woman suffers from fibroid related symptoms. Fibroids are benign non-cancerous tissue growths of the uterus womb. Symptoms strongly influence womans’ physical, emotional and sexual wellbeing. They can harm fertility. LARA stands for L=learn, A=appreciate, R=reach decision, A=take action. LARA assists women in understanding their diagnosis and treatment options. LARA lets women manage their own care. LARA prepares them for a shared-decision-making on their individual treatment together with their physician.



    Granted 5000€

    :studycompanion is a mobile app for smartphones and tablets, that guides study participants through the daily routine of clinical trials. The app presents a detailed plan of the study structure (e.g., the next activity the study participant must conduct and where it is taking place). Depending on location information, the app is aware of the study participants actual position and directs her to the next location. :studycompanion uses data provied by the :study system of the German Aerospace Center (DLR).


    ohne Kippe

    Granted 5000€

    Every year nearly 140.000 people in Germany die due to tobacco use. The vast majority of smokers begin using tobacco products well before the age of 18 years. Therefore the Thoraxklinik Heidelberg developed a smoking prevention Program “ohne Kippe” for children aged 12-14 years. Additional to this primary prevention program an app was designed that should actively motivate to stop smoking with motivation games, personal high score, extensive statistics,  some fitness values and  a non-smoking song.



    Granted 5000€

    PatientenPager is an app for out- and in-patients. Using our app patients can leave the waiting room of their doctor’s office/clinic at any time because the app will keep them informed about their current status in the waiting line and the estimated time of their treatment. The app will automatically notify the patient when it is time for him to return to the doctor’s office. We are going to support all major platforms (iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone).


    Contactless Monitoring with Commodity Electronics

    Granted 5000€

    For this project we use Microsoft’s Kinect sensor system for monitoring patients in the most unobtrusive way. Using the sensor data we will develop a software application running on a standard personal computer that continuously tracks and analyzes the movements of a single person and identifies hazardous situations (e.g. fall detection).



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