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We co-create innovative healthcare solutions for people.

Advance Track

BLACKFORD is curated marketplace platform of regulatory-approved medical image analysis apps and AI algorithms for clinical value add. Over the past decade, Blackford has worked with leading hospitals, radiology groups, imaging centers and technology providers easily integrate their platform into existing workflows, providing actionable information that allows healthcare providers to use imaging information smartly and reduce the cost of care while improving diagnostic confidence and patient outcomes.

CAREPAY is a mobile health payment platform for payers, patients, and providers to manage the spectrum of finances. Essentially functioning like an HSA, caregivers can send money to dependents while assuring it will be spent only on healthcare. Users can also purchase necessary medical equipment via the app. Today Carepay operates in Kenya, Nigeria, and Tanzania with plans to expand their reach with Bayer’s support.

NEUROTRACKER is a cognitive assessment that leverages the users eye movements to enhance functional neuroplasticity. Currently operating in the US, Canada, and the UK, Neurotracker is beloved by professional athletes who treat Neurotracker like a workout for the brain, making them mentally stronger on the field or court. For clinicians, Neurotracker generates vast relevant data on cognitive abilities over time.

PREVENCIO is a new protocol for blood tests. Used to detect cardiovascular disease, the Prevencio blood test measures risk proteins on a scale of 1-10 providing insight to potential hazards. Their protocol consists of six clinical tests for diagnosis and detection of heart attack, stroke, cardiac death, aortic valve stenosis, amputation, and acute kidney injury risk.

RELIANCE HMO automates insurance administration and simultaneously creates affordable insurance options for its users. From enrollment to care delivery, the entire experience takes place in a mobile environment. But in the event a patient needs additional medical attention, they are referred to one of Reliance HMO’s partnership hospitals across Nigeria. This mobile-based, triaged approach to care helps lessen the financial burden for all players.

Growth Track

BIOLUM SCIENCES is a new device to measure stress biomarkers in the airways. Used at the point of care, their product is aimed specifically to patients who suffer from Asthma and COPD. The BioSense Airway Monitoring Device measures hydrogen peroxide through breath and the BioSense Blood Monitoring Device measures nitric oxide through blood tests - all within the comfort of the patients own home.  


LITE SPRITE may look like a video game, but don’t let that fool you. It is actually an app that aids in behavioral health conditions. From Anxiety, Stress, Depression, and Substance Abuse, the suite of in-app games based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy methods, not only helps users re channel their minds, but it also provides clinicians with critical patient data. Bonus, Lite Sprite has landed CPT codes for reimbursement.


OKKO HEALTH is on a mission to reduce blindness. Their AI system tracks eye movements to catch any abnormalities early on and to diagnose eye disease. Their remote patient monitoring system can be used anywhere, not just within a clinical setting. Okko Health is currently rolled out in the UK, but has plans for expansion with Bayer’s support.

UPSIDE HEALTH is helping to alleviate pain for tens of thousands of women through their remote therapy delivery program. With over 120 million chronic patients in the United States alone, the value prop is huge. Their app, Ouchie, empowers users to track their pain: what works, what doesn’t, the level of pain, the ability to create goals and measure successes. What’s more is that all data is beamed up to the clinical dashboard allowing the care provider to act as a partner towards healing.

VISO TEC has developed a handheld device that measures the retina to track disease progression in the eye. It uses neovascular AMD, that enables individualized anti-VEGF treatment and acquires volumetric imagery of the retina. Viso Tec is based in Germany.

WELLTHY THERAPEUTICS has a goal to not only manage, but to completely reverse chronic disease, all through the use of digital therapeutics. Their program, which is comprised of an AI-based Coach and a virtual, human Coach, can be prescribed by a doctor and is currently tackling Type II Diabetes, Hypertension, Dyslipidemia, CHF, CAD, CKD, Asthma, and COPD in India, Singapore, and South Africa.



This track is designed for companies in the pre-product launch stage. Ideal candidates are seed-stage startups with a Minimal Viable Product validated through acquisition of patents and in publications. And of course, a stellar and diverse team!


Startup health companies will be given EUR 50,000 to EUR 100,000. In addition to healthcare technology funding, we provide a dedicated workspace (Berlin, DE) and mentorship from industry experts.

Growth Track


Are you a mature company with a product in the market and ready to partner with Bayer? Then this track is for you. Companies will be working jointly with Bayer experts to drive a commercial partnership, co-funded by G4A.


Successful companies will receive EUR 50K - 100K with follow-on milestone-based payments.

Advance Track

Exclusive Networking Opportunities

As part of G4A, you get to network with key people that can help you grow your business. You'll also have the opportunity to participate in meetup events, meet startegic partners, and form partnerships with fellow health tech experts that will be mutually beneficial.


Executive Mentors

In addition to close collaboration with Consumer Health Category and and Pharmaceutical Health Therapeutic Area experts, our startups are paired with senior Bayer executives. This multi-level approach to mentoring provides invaluable insight and opportunities that last well beyond the cohort.

Executive Mentorship

Regional Engagement

Support from the G4A team never ends. You become a G4A partner for life and join the G4A Alumni family!


That said, you automatically join a network of hundreds of like-minded people who continue to change the experience of health. Whether it's through event attendance, conference promotion of your innovative solutions or features in internal and external communications, G4A is dedicated to ensuring you succeed.

Regional Engagement