G4A’s expertise brings value to any digital health partnership, as we truly listen to people and find areas of opportunity for new digital health solutions. We are fast and hungry to partner and create valuable partnerships with digital health startups and co-investors. We believe partnerships are built on trust, knowledge-sharing, and co-creating opportunities. We look to partner with people that share our vision and values.

By engaging our partners at various stages, we successfully implement programs and resources that create alliances across digital health. Unlike our competitors, we invest in opportunities that benefit people and health care for all. We’re happy to discuss how partnering with us can make a real difference.


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Growth Track

The Growth Track is our offer for early to mid-stage digital health startups. This track is a good fit for Seed and Series A startups with a minimal viable product validated through patents and publications. And of course, a stellar and diverse team! Our Growth Track startups benefit from digital health funding, close coaching and mentorship as well as a convertible loan.

Advance Track

The Advance Track is the perfect fit for companies who already have a product or solution in the market. The Advance Track is our direct digital health partnership track. It is a good fit for companies who already have a product or solution in the market and want to jointly work with Bayer in the context of a long-term commercial partnership.

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G4A is always looking for VC’s and other digital health investors to partner with and co-invest in high growth digital health startups. Our years of industry and team expertise and due diligence process ensure that we source the best digital health startups in the world.


We invest in companies that foster the development of the digital health industry, while driving forward integrated healthcare solutions for the most pressing health challenges of our time such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer and women’s health.